UAH Exploratory Advising Wilson Hall Room 143

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Explore Majors

Select this option if you have not declared a major and are undecided about what to choose.
Please be sure to have completed FOCUS 2 prior to your appointment ( Username: UAH email; Access Code: chargers)

(30 minutes)

Changing Majors

Select this option if you are considering changing majors from one college to another (ex: changing from Biology to English). If you are changing majors within a college (ex: changing from Biology to Chemistry), schedule an appointment with that college’s academic advisors ( for information on degree options.

(30 minutes)

Prepare for Registration

Select this option if you are an undecided major and also undecided on your college. If you are an undecided major, but have chosen a college (Engineering, Education, Science, etc.), you’ll need to work with your college’s academic advisors to develop your schedule.

(30 minutes)


Please select “other” if none of the appointment types fit your needs.

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